Not happy with what you got?

At Reach Around Books we will make every effort to accommodate any customer who has a legitimate problem with their order.  We have found that there are typically 3 types of "Returners".  Use the handy guide below to identify which one you are and take the appropriate steps:

1. You received a physically damaged or otherwise defective product.
We sincerely apologize. We will gladly refund your purchase price and shipping charge or replace the product. Please return the damaged/defective product with instructions to "refund" or "replace". The mailing address is: PO BOX 790132 Virgin, UT 84779 Upon receipt, we will immediately process your refund or send a replacement product via priority mail...We will probably throw in a sweet collectable bumper sticker or a photocopy of Sumguyen Bangladesh sitting bare-assed on the copy machine to compensate for your trouble!

2. You did not think it was funny.
You think you can do better? Return the "unfunny" product along with a joke, limerick, poem, picture, story, idea or any other original work created by you. If we think your stuff is funnier than ours, we will gladly refund your purchase price. We may (at our discretion) post your original work on our you full credit, of course. The mailing address is: PO BOX 790132 Virgin, UT 84779

3. You were offended.

You are probably one of those a$$holes who brings your "emotional support animal" into the grocery store with you. Here is what you can do...

1. Write your grievance down on a piece of paper
2. Roll it up real tight
3. Shove it up your a$$

Your mind is in the gutter. If the wording of a Reach Around Book offends you, think long and hard about who it was who took the leap from what it SAYS to "I am offended"......That's right it was you! You have a sick and twisted mind. As you read the last innocent line you were probably offended by the words "long and hard". Case closed. You are a Pervert. Take your nasty self and get the f**k off of our website.

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