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Reach Around Books is the obscenely controversial new publishing company that everybody is talking about.  We very much appreciate your support and interest in our books!  

This is your opportunity to own the first printing of Reach Around Books--Season One with the highly collectable, limited edition gift box. The brilliant consumers who order now will also be given "First-Fan" status in the Reach Around Book club and will enjoy things like alternate endings, sneak peeks at upcoming seasons and of course...FREE STUFF.

The only way to get the coveted "First-Fan" status (which can never be taken away) is to buy your copy of Reach Around Books--Season One now...Trust us, you'll be glad you did!

What is "Season One"?

Reach Around Books--Season One is the first five books we ever printed.  For a limited time, your Season One order includes a beautiful and collectable keepsake box for you to store and transport these precious works of art...When they are gone, they are gone.  We will not print additional collector's boxes...


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When will books ship?

The day you order them.  The Season One Box Set ships for FREE!  You will attain "Life of the Party" status when you bring these timeless classics to your next social event!

Baby shower gift idea

...Oh my!  What a big package you have!

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