What does "Egogahan" mean?

Google it.  While you are at it, Google "Bimisi" and "Tayanita"...

The laughs just keep on keepin' on! 

When will books ship?

Soon, my friends...Very Very soon. The same day you order them.  Season One is in stock and ready to be stamped!

Will you ship internationally??

Sure.  As of now we do not have inventory warehoused internationally, all orders ship from USA.  After about half a hundred requests and quotes we've found that is is silly to send 1 book.  Actual postage for the Box Set seems to run between $29-$89...We have decided to offer International shipping for a flat $29.69.  

For those of you not good at math and probabilities, I'll spell it out for you...We take it in the shorts when shipping internationally!  Whereas we love you and want you to be happy, we suck it up and move on.  

If you think $29.69 is too much move to Idaho and we'll send you one for free.

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